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VirtG Oct 2015 Meeting
Location and
Microsoft NERD Ctr.
1 Memorial Dr #1
Cambridge, MA 02142

NERD Center

Nerd Ctr. Map

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Paid parking available nearby; MIT lots are free after 5PM, Bldg E-51 (2 Amherst St) for example.
Directions to E-51 Parking
Better yet, take the "T".

















Nilesh Kunvarji


Ben Canter









Thursday October 15th
Knocking Blocks with Object Storage

The Best in Education and Virtualization each Month

Thank you to our sponsors:

Infinio Logo

PLEASE, be sure to RSVP on the VirtG Meetup site MeetUp Logo
so we know how much food to order and speed up registration at the Microsoft Security Desk

Registration Link:

  • 6:00-7:00 Networking, Introductions, Pizza

  • 7:00-7:45 Cloudian & MonadCloud
    Scale-Out Storage: Why "cheap & deep" is not enough!

  • Description: 
    Electronic data storage is nearly 60 years old. It is the bedrock of computing. The emergence of the public Internet and the World Wide Web in the early 1990s quickly accelerated the need for more storage. Increasing volumes of Web content, e-commerce, e-mail, social media and all manner of human and machine generated “unstructured” data has overwhelmed the capacity and scalability of legacy file and block storage technologies. Object-based storage (OBS) has emerged over the past decade as a way to scale storage to meet the rising torrent of data being generated. The presenters from MonadCloud and Cloudian will provide a short history of data storage and focus on what object storage is, why it is important today, and what Cloudian is delivering to its customers through its partners.

    Cloudian has developed a 100% AWS S3 API-compatible object-based storage software that can be installed on clusters of industry standard x86 storage servers. The presenters will explain why Cloudian focused on full AWS S3-compatibility, and how it incorporates prominent open source software projects, like Cassandra, Redis and Puppet into their object-based storage software. The use cases for object-based storage will be covered and how Cloudian approaches the market for object-based storage. The presenters will close-out their presentation by explaining how Cloudian has gone beyond the “cheap and deep” nature of object storage and moved into using its storage clusters to create “smart data” and storage that remains “forever live” on its clusters.

  • Speaker Bios
    • Tim Wessels, MonadCloud LLC (presenting)

      Tim created his IT career deploying some of the first Novell NetWare Local Area Networks in New England.  He worked as a network consultant for several premier VARs in the region and in his own IT consulting practice.  He started Oort Cloud Computing in 2010 to assist clients in moving their IT services to the cloud. In 2013, Tim developed MonadCloud to deliver public and private cloud storage solutions.  MonadCloud designs, builds and supports object-based storage clusters using Cloudian’s HyperStore.   Tim is a Cloudian Certified Engineer, and MonadCloud has been designated as a Cloudian Preferred Partner.
    • David Barberis, Cloudian Inc. (presenting)

      David has over 20 years of experience in engineering and architecting technology solutions for a broad range of customers in financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, education and pharmaceuticals.  He worked at Vontu, Opalis Software, 3PAR, Compellent Technologies and Dell prior to joining Cloudian as a Senior Solutions Architect.  David’s approach to successful solution architecting and sales is to educate customers, so they can make the best decisions to achieve their objectives.
    • Peggy McGovern, Cloudian Inc.

      Peggy has over 25 years experience as a successful sales professional in the enterprise storage market. She worked at Box Hill Systems, EMC, FalconStor, 3PAR and HP prior to joining Cloudian as their Northeast Region Sales Director. Peggy’s customers include Fortune 500 companies, as well as start-ups. Throughout the course of her career, she has developed an extensive network of customers, partners and colleagues.
  • 8:00-8:45 Caringo - A Crash Course on Object Storage. How It’s Helping Businesses in Every Industry and How It Can Help You!

  • Description:
    Are you being asked to store petabytes of data, make it searchable, accessible by any enterprise/cloud application or device, and guarantee integrity for decades – all with the same or maybe a modest increase in budget? Guess what? You aren’t alone.
    In this session, we will share our experiences working with hundreds of customers of various sizes across a number of different use cases with a focus on:
    • Where object storage sits in the rapidly evolving storage market
    • Trending use cases in the Medical Imaging, Service Provider, Web Content Delivery, Evidence Storage & Open Data Center markets
    • The common issues object storage solves across these use cases
    • How you determine if object storage can solve your data management issues
  • Speaker Bios
    • Nilesh Kunvarji - Sr. System Engineer for Caringo Software.
      Bio: 20+ years experience in IT. 15+ years providing Enterprise Storage Management Solutions for SAN, NAS, backup/recovery, DR solutions, email management, and availability solutions to SMB and large corporate customers and strategic partners. 3+ years with Project/Portfolio Management solutions. 2+ years with Governance, Risk, & Compliance (GRC) solutions. Based in Atlanta, GA he has been part of the Caringo team since September 2014 as the East technical lead.

    • Ben Canter – East Region Sales Manager
      BIO: 15 years’ experience in IT sales with focus on Data Center solutions. Certified and trained on solutions from IBM, HP, VMWare, Cisco, EMC, Microsoft and NetApp, the most recent focus has been on the Software Define Storage area. Based in Douglas, MA he has presented to multiple regional organizations (VTUG, VMUG, CIO Synergy, BNUG) on storage related topics.
  • 8:45- Cleanup and prizes 
  • Registration Link: Logo



 Mission Statement

Logo for "Virtualization-Boston"

The Virtualization Group–Boston is a volunteer run, professional association, which exists in order to encourage an exchange of knowledge about all aspects of virtualization, green technology and cloud computing between IT Professionals. Furthermore, we will foster affiliation with similar virtualization groups located elsewhere to expand the reach of knowledge and training resources.

 About Virtualization Group - Boston

What We Do

As a local user group, we physically meet monthly, by default on the Third Thursday.

The 2-3 hour meeting provides an opportunity for education, knowledge transfer, and training through formal presentations, demonstrations, and discussions. As a local user group, of course networking is an important element and typically we provide some refreshments and door prizes.

Unless there is an objection from a presenter, all presentations will be recorded. These recordings may be downloaded and viewed by our members offline at a later time, and may be shared with other local user groups that are part of the Virtualization User Group Alliance. We plan at some point to make the presentations streamed live over the internet as well.

From time-to-time we also host special events. A great example of this is our inaugural event "Virtualization Deep Dive Day"

What We Cover

We use a very inclusive approach in determining what we consider to fit under the Virtualization umbrella. The list of interest areas that we have defined is expected to change as technology and interests advance. Currently, we have identified the following areas of interest to the group:

  • Server Virtualization
  • Desktop Virtualization (Hosted and Local)
  • Presentation Virtualization
  • Application Virtualization
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Network Virtualization
  • Cloud Computing
  • Going Green
  • Mobility

No two people are likely to give you the same definition to any of these terms; see "Areas of Intereest" below for more information on how we define these areas.


Virtualization Boston desires to affiliate with other local User Groups around the world that focus on the Virtualization space. As such, we are branding a global member alliance we call the "Virtualization User Group Alliance".  Alliance members will be able to share designated content to extend the reach of technical knowledge well beyond that for which any one group could cover.

See the sidebar on alliances at the bottom right side of the home page for more infomration.

Content Level

We seek to advance the technical knowledge of our members, who are generally active IT professionals, contractors, consultants, and vendors. While presentations may sometimes focus on a particular vendor solution which requires an understanding of "why", presentations generally focus on the "how". Another way we state this is that presentations should be technical as opposed to marketing and at "level 200" or above.

We center our focus on the needs of mid-size organizations. At the same time we understand that the needs or larger organizations are more complex and that we can all still learn much from practices and products suited to their needs.

Current Areas Of Interest 

Server Virtualization

Server Virtualization is concerned with the hosting of multiple server operating systems on a single hardware platform. Epitomized by products from vendors such as VMware,, Microsoft, Citrix, Virtual Iron, and others, server virtualization provides many companies advantages in consolidation, power, management, and deployment flexibility.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization (called VDI by some), shares many of the technical details of server virtualization, but involves the virtualization of desktop operating systems rather than server operating systems. Because the management needs of desktop users are much more complex, often different products are needed to service those needs. The Desktop Virtualization space itself consists of several sub-spaces with very different solution architectures. This includes what we call the "hosted desktop" space, and the "local desktop" space. Hosted Desktop Virtualization is where the desktop is hosted on back-end equipment (such as a blade server or a multi-VM host such as is used in server virtualization), often combined with some kind of broker service to manage user connections . Local Desktop Virtualization is where the virtualized operating system is run on the local PC that the person is using.

Presentation Virtualization

In terms of number of end-users, the largest usage of any of the Virtualizations we cover is that of multi user session sharing of a single OS, as in Microsoft Terminal Services and X-Windows. In this form of virtualization, user input and output devices are remoted to a single instance of an operating system where sessions are established to isolate activities. The higher user density that may be achieved using Presentation Virtualization will keep this class of solution popular for many years to come. In addition, many other virtualization solutions borrow from the connectivity protocols present in Presentation Virtualization solutions.

Application Virtualization

Application Virtualization isolates not at the OS or User level, but at the application itself. Application Virtualization helps to solve not only application compatibility and conflict issues, but when layered with other forms of virtualization can create a dynamic stateless infrastructure environment.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is generally considered to be scenarios whereby companies run software and/or services hosted that are hosted by other companies. The software and/or services may be private or public in nature. Cloud computing may incorporate Application Service Providers, hosting sites, and business solutions such as Google Apps, Microsoft Live Services, and others.

Storage Virtualization

Advances in storage are the most important advances today affecting the performance, availability, and manageability of our systems. Numerous vendors are creating new technology, and advanced management capabilities, that are required by virtualization.

Going Green

Rather than a technology or a product, this category is used to capture the interest and momentum in "going green".


It's not just Windows anymore.  IT is often being asked to develop a mobility strategy to support users with touchpad and phones.  This category covers company owned and BYOD devices, apps, and management.  It also dips into the data management aspect of file sharing services. 

Privacy Statement


 Our Plans...


Greetings and Welcome to the home of "Virtualization Group - Boston",

Virtualization Group - Boston is a new user group setup to eventually expand to be a national then perhaps an international interface for virtualization events physical and virtual.  Our charter is to hold monthly meetings in Waltham Ma on the second Tuesday of each month.  Our first regular meeting was held on Feb 26, 2009.   Our first official event was called Virtualization Deep Dive Day on Feb 20th 2009.  

We are not sure how long it will take to get our infrastructure in place to expand our services but our plans are as follows:

Record all regular meeting presentations and have them available online within 5 days of the meeting.  Eventually, we would like to expand to make them available real-time online and allow people attending from home or office to participate in the event by asking questions.

We would also like to gain some traction in other regions and have other user groups "Simulcast" our events. This is the primary reason for the " - Boston" in the name. Our hope is that the Real Life meeting can take place in any one of our locations and all other groups around the country and around the world can invite their members to experience the event live in their local cities.  We expect to get sponsors for all meetings and events so that we can have food and/or snacks available for those that are attending in person.  There is some chance that this infrastructure can be in place prior to our first meeting in Feb 2009.  More details on that later. 

Currently all content is being hosted by Bay State Integrated Technology, Inc. We are working on arrangements with other partners to assist us in this venture.  We are looking for partners to supply us with:

  • hardware that will be needed to store the content including the training event Audio/Video (Servers, Storage, Firewall and Equipment Maintenance costs, Anti-Virus, etc)  {Preferably Green Friendly}
  • hosting facilities that can supply us with redundancy as well as high-speed Internet for downloading and broadcasting live event content  {Preferably Green Friendly}
  • hardware and software needed to record and publish the content
  • swag for door prizes at live events
  • discounts for members
  • development (web and SharePoint) - Helpful add-ins welcome also
  • food and beverage sponsorship for meetings and events
  • cash for out of pocket expenses to run the group and put the infrastructure together
  • education items to be distributed to members (books, classes, white papers, etc.)

If you are aware of companies or groups that might be interested in what we are doing please contact Dan Stolts. Dan can also be contacted via his cell phone at 508-930-1286.  More on these pending relationships later. 

We will establish an email list which will NOT be released to any third party.  At all events, evaluations will be collected (online and in person) and all attendees will be given the option of allowing us to give the sponsor your contact information.  There may be limitations on eligibility for "participating in the drawing" for those that opt out of giving sponsors their contact information. 

Initial topics will include Virtual Server (Hyper-V, ESX), Application Virtualization, Virtualization Management, Desktop Virtualization, Presentation Virtualization as well as many other related technologies including Green Computing.  Individual topics will sometimes be geared toward a particular product.  In other cases, presentations will be about technology in general and will not be specific to a product.  The group is designed to be vendor neutral and product agnostic but the nature of education on a topic is to talk about the technology that is deployed in particular products.


 Future Meetup Schedule

Fall lineup so far...

Thursday September 17 At VMware. FSLogix and Infinio.

Thursday October 15 At Microsoft NERD. Cloudian and Caringo.

Tuesday November 10 At Microsoft Nerd. Microsoft and RES.

Thursday December 17 At Microsoft Nerd. tbd and tbd.

Interested in sponsoring our group? Email

 ‭(Hidden)‬ June Meetup Blog

Final Meetup before the Summer break. In addition to our usual FANTASTIC content this month we also get to vote on the new Board of Directors to run the group for next year. See you there!

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Deep Dive Day 2014 Registration Open

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Videos/PPT of April 9 Meetup available. 
by SAM\Tim.Mangan
 4/17/2015 2:39 PM

Title: Videos/PPT of April 9 Meetup available.
Deep Dive Day 2014 Downloads 
by SAM\Tim.Mangan
 4/17/2014 12:34 PM

Title: Deep Dive Day 2014 Downloads
Deep Dive Day 2014 
by SAM\Tim.Mangan
 12/16/2013 9:59 AM

Title: Deep Dive Day 2014
Videos Posted on  
by SAM\peter.larson
 9/19/2011 6:42 AM

Title: Videos Posted on

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events.

 ‭(Hidden)‬ Countdown to Deep Dive Day

Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2011 is History!

We had a wonderful event on March 11th, with over 150 people in attendance and a whole lot of learning going on. Go to the DeepDiveDay2011 Tab at the top of this page to get access to the presentations and videos.

The videos are done!  Thanks to Peter and Steve (and the additional camera operators) for a great job in getting these done so fast.


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Virtualization User Groups AllianceLogo for Virtualization User Groups Alliance

Virtualization Boston desires to affiliate with other local User Groups around the world that focus on the Virtualization space. As such, we are branding a global member alliance we call the "Virtualization User Group Alliance".

Alliance members will be able to share designated content to extend the reach of technical knowledge well beyond that for which any one group could cover.  We hope to be able to simulcast presentations using web technology, or at least record and store since some alliance members will be in quite different time zones.

User Groups in other locations that wish to affiliate with us should Contact Dan Stolts.

Aliance Members include...

Boston Area Windows Server User Group
New York Enterprise Windows User Group
St Louis Virtualization Group
Calgary Systems Management User Group
Boston Azure User Group
Exchange Server Boston
Cloud Centric Boston

VirtG Affiliates with the following:

Boston User Groups Boston User Groups

Virtualization Boston is part of the Boston User Groups, which is a great resourse for all user groups in the greater Boston area.


Virtualization Boston is supported in part by OReilly Publishing Oreilly