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Summer Camp 2009 Session Information
Migration to Virtualization
Jean Luc
different migration types (p2v OR V2V) 
migrating to windows infrastructure: JL strongly recommended scvmm & ms system center. vmware has tools tools
p2v - make sure you are up to date in your physical server (patches), and vendor's p2v migration tools will do the work for you
scvmm can manage vmware servers
Win server2k, Bob sometimes has had difficulties migrating p2v (VMware & MS hypervisors both have problems w guest)
p2v migration, driver issues per Bob; ms tools don't always handle drivers (require manually tweaking) - noted that vmware migration tool handles drivers better
not sure if there are any tools for p2v migration of macs(both MS & VMw), there are tools for linux
vmware & ms can read each other's VM image files - no vendor-neutral format, but can switch back and forth
no virtual app/desktop migration experience
recommendation: can use a vm to retain image of CFO's old laptop/PC in case the
migration "missed" something.  all config/apps/data are retained in vm for consultation/review

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