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Summer Camp 2009 Session Information
Windows 7 and XP Mode
Dan Stolts

Windows 7          Session #4           3:00 PM                MPRC                    Moderated by Dan Stolts


·         Windows 7?

o   New operating system from Microsoft.


·         What is XP Mode and Windows 7 compatibility mode? 

o   Tell you apps they are running on XP not Windows 7.

o   A virtual machine.


·         Windows 7 basics.

o   Windows Vista enterprise ready.

o   Everything we hoped Windows Vista would be and much more.

o   Windows 7 in Vista mode is as locked down as Vista.

o   By default it is the right balance for security with added usability.

o   Advanced indexing is part of the O/S.

o   Vista required a lot of hardware:

§  Arrow, etc.

§  Four times the size of XP.

o   Virtualization.

§  Going forward - Application compatibility “shims” for your applications.

§  XP mode – emulating XP. 

·         Windows 7 reports version as version 6.5.

·         The applications see the O/S as a minor revision 6.5.

·         Windows 7 intercepts application calls for XP and determines what it believes should be returned without breaking the application.  Works most of the time.

·         Could not sacrifice security and just make it fully backward compatible.  Security is only adjusted on the XP mode instance(s).

·         Can have/create multiple users using XP Mode.

·         Much smaller because Windows 7 is doing a lot of the work.

·         XP Mode is compatible with XP SP3


·         With XP Mode and VirtualPC for Windows 2007 on the same computer there are compatibility issues if you run them on the same Windows 7 machine.

o   RE: two competing hypervisors on 1 machine.

o   XP Mode no additional license

o   VirtualPC additional license required.


·         MED-V.

o   Enterprise customer agreements.


·         XP Mode Hardware support.

o   Like a network share.

§  Creating a soft link from the XP Mode to the Windows 7.

§  Like having a difference disk (XP Mode) for your original disk (Windows 7).


·         How do you install to XP Mode Window?  32-bit.

o   Virtual Disks, ISO’s, capture CD/DVC.


·         Hyper-V doesn’t run on Windows 7.


·         XP Mode not as secure as Vista and Windows 7.

o   Limit access as much as possible with GPO.

§  Do you need a default gateway?

o   Consider installing antivirus software inside the XP mode machine.

o   Limit what software you install in the XP mode machine to the applications that need that compatibility.


·         Software in general is not perfect… it is written by people.

o   How high is the bar you are working with?

o   How much time and money are you putting into it?

o   How much experience do you have developing?


·         Windows 7 IPv6 on by default.

o   No network address translation.

o   It is being held back by Infrastructure. 

Routers, switches, etc around the world.


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