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Meeting Notices: An Evening with Simon Crosby

Event Date



An Evening with Simon Crosby 



6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Eastern Time

Deborah Sampson Room

One Memorial Drive
Cambridge, MA

Directions to NERD Center

Paid parking available nearby; MIT lots are free after 5PM, Bldg E-51 (2 Amherst St) for example.
Directions to E-51 Parking
Better yet, take the "T".

Wednesday, August 13th
An Evening with Simon Crosby

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A note from the VirtG Leadership:

We normally take the summer off, but we were offered this rare opportunity to hear from one of the truly great visionaries in our space, who will be in Boston for the first time in years.  This will be a "don't miss" event!


6:00-6:30 Networking, Introductions, Pizza


Simon Crosby, Chief Technical Officer

The Detection of Malware is Fundamentally Flawed. Learn about Micro-Virtualization and How To Make Endpoints Trustworthy by Design

Powerful forces that will reshape the future of computing are upon us: Applications are moving to the cloud, where they will be accessed by mobile users from personally owned devices, over the untrusted Internet. This raises tremendous challenges: Applications, operating systems and networks will be increasingly exposed to attack, and while we can reasonably expect providers to actively defend their cloud infrastructures, this is by no means true for client devices or for enterprise applications in the cloud. The “cloud-mobile” era calls for a profound change in the trustworthiness of our infrastructure. Our computer systems must defend themselves by design, on untrusted networks, in the hands of gullible users, under attack, and in the presence of software vulnerabilities and failures.  


Simon Crosby will discuss a new technology developed by Bromium that offers a leap forward in systems architecture, by addressing a “grand problem” - Trustworthy Computing.  The Committee on Information Systems Trustworthiness’ publication, Trust in Cyberspace, defines a trustworthy computer system as one that

“…does what people expect it to do – and not something else – despite environmental disruption, human user, and operator errors, and attacks by hostile parties …”

Rather than focus on technology that is only relevant to future systems it is critical to address the incumbent leaky enterprise infrastructure - today’s end points and their vulnerable operating systems and applications that are the cause of over 70% of enterprise breaches. 


Simon will describe a new architecture for systems security developed by Bromium - called micro-virtualization - that uses the hardware-virtualization features available on modern CPUs, together with a novel hypervisor called a Microvisor, to seamlessly hardware-isolate each 3rd party web site, document or app in a tiny micro-VM that prevents malware from accessing enterprise data and applications, the Intranet or high-value SaaS sites. The user experience is unchanged, but the device is tens of thousands of times more secure – by design.  The endpoint is also self-remediating.  Malware is automatically discarded when the user closes the task. Bromium micro-virtualization enables IT to embrace mobility and empower end users, even if they depend on legacy software – like Java.  Micro-virtualization also permits Live Attack Visualization and Analysis (LAVA) which delivers complete forensic threat intelligence, including signatures for unknown malware, in real-time. 

Speaker Bio:

Simon Crosby is a co-founder and CTO of Bromium Inc., a company leveraging hardware virtualization to transform platform security. Previously, Simon was CTO, Data Center & Cloud at Citrix Systems, which acquired XenSource, where he was co-founder and CTO. Along the way, Simon was a Principal Engineer at Intel, and founder & CTO of CPlane Inc., a software vendor in Software Defined Networking. A long time ago, he was a faculty member at the University of Cambridge, UK.  He is author of 40 research papers and patents, and has been recognized by Infoworld in the Top 25 CTOs and CRN in the Top 25 IT Executives breaking the sound barrier in innovation.

7:45- Adjourn to a local bar... 



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