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Meeting Notices: 2009-02-26 User Group Informational Meeting

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2009-02-26 User Group Informational Meeting 



Virtualization Boston User Group Meeting 2/26/09

These notes are from an "open invitation meeting" with the Virtualization Boston User Group held on February 26, 2009 at the Microsoft Waltham Facility.  About a dozen people attended.

Mission and Technology

Dan described his view of the mission of the group and ideas on how we might operate.  The group seemed comfortable on the area of focus for the group.    Comment on focus on training as a draw.  Live hands on is something we want to do whenever we can.

Some caution was urged regarding the use of new and different technology than the traditional local user group.  There seemed to be consensus about starting slow and building (elg.: Tape and post before streaming live).  All were asked to reach out to others with experience at the technical side.  Tim to talk to Brian Madden.  Someone (?) to talk to Joe Stagman.   We did get a Live Meeting account for 100 people made available to us.  If that is used we would probably have to buy more seats.   Dan asked people to send him email on other ideas on this topic.

Meeting Date and Location

Discussed possibility of meeting at NERD Center instead of Waltham Office.  Plus side is no other groups in yet and they want groups.  This is also a minus.  No free parking, but good public transportation.  Bottom line is that some people are good either location, some in room prefer not driving into Boston, and there would be people in Boston that don’t come out to Waltham.  Idea of alternating or at least not always being in one or other mentioned.  Consistency also mentioned.  If NERD, need thorough instructions on directions to a new place.

4th Thursday not a great night due to Nov/Dec (Note to Ben: it just took a while for it to sink in)  We looked at the BUG list and any of the Mondays (not first Monday of month due to holidays) or second Tuesday. 

Dan to look at room availability and book something.  Unless late in the month, this means the next meeting would be pushed into April so that we have time to plan it.

Meeting Topics/Speakers

We want to book speakers 3 – 6 months out.  200 Level or deeper. (Except for new technology that people need to know about).  In addition to the topics listed on the agenda, the following mentioned:

·         Migrating from VMware to Hyper-V

·         Infrastructure - joint with Server Group?

·         Virtualization Best Practices

·         Cost considerations on virtualization

·         News and Beta announcements (constantly)

·         Cloud Computing

·         Virtualization Security

·         Licensing when in Virtualization

·         VDI

·         Data Center - Auxiliary Cooling?

For the First Meeting - First two items on the agenda list?  But who?  No particular names mentioned.  Dan might find someone.

Talked about some dues or premium membership.  Not  now, maybe not ever?  Topic deferred indefinitely.

Special Relationship With Microsoft

Although an independent and multi-vendor group, we do have a special relationship with Microsoft, especially with support for meeting space.  As such it is important that we do not jeopardize that relationship with content that may be perceived as inappropriate.  Dan discussed measures he wants to see taken to ensure this will not be a problem when at a Microsoft facility.  Discussed promoting a “vendor friendly” atmosphere at the meetings.  Also re-affirmed that we want to be multi-vendor and perceived to be (mostly) vendor neutral, even though Microsoft is likely to be more heavily featured due to the makeup of the group.


Dan to take "the APC letter" to the marketing guys for input towards a standard letter and approaches that might be more successful.  Everyone asked to think outside the box.  Jot down names etc of potential people and companies that might want to reach our audience.  Gather these notes and send them to Dan (or to committee later on).  Topic revisited later in the meeting.

Board & Other Positions

Email Dan about your interest in helping out in any way.  Dan will presumably server as President.  Want a Vice President and Secretary for sure.  Probably can live without a treasurer for now.

We need to develop a long term and strategic plan on fundraising.  Ron agrees to advice this process. 

A Vendor Relations Group  formed.   Steve Gallo, Harvey Yee, volunteered; we are looking for one more. 

Also want an Advisory Board.

And Special Project Coordinators.

Website:  Dan and Tim handling so far.  Dave Valentine: to help on website.  Harvey Also.

Adding a “Forum” feature to the website was asked about:  Need a moderator first, buy maybe down the road.  Idea of adding a feature request to site?

Sponsors and Speakers Tracking

Talked about keeping an excel spreadsheet on private side of web site? (Can share these contacts with BUG).  We might do a DB form style.

The Member list is private to us and should not be shared with other groups we are associated with.


Special Events

Discussed frequency.  Twice a year frequency seemed like consensus.  Discussed making the next one a "hands on labs day". Labs and the like.  Dan talked about interest of people with resources within Microsoft for future events. Dan  to look at books and laptops from MS, or New Horizons/ONLC.  Looking at either June or August (but most probably August).  Tim to check with Citrix since they are ripe for major releases around that time.

Jean-Luc Momplaisir  volunteered to be a coordinator.  Ken Olson also.

Other Odd Topics...

What about Blogging on the site?  Dan and Tim indicated they could blog.  We can set something up and others can ask to join in too.

What about being a special events group that just does events once a quarter and no monthly meetings?  Discussed but there was no consensus.


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