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Meeting Notices: 2010-03-09 Meeting

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2010-03-09 Meeting 




Virtualization Boston Monthly Meeting Monthly Meeting of the Virtualization Boston Group (

"Cloud Computing Security"

"DFS Challenges" 

Waltham MA 6:00-9:00pm


Tuesday March 9, 2010

6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Microsoft Office - Waltham

201 Jones Road, Waltham MA

Sixth Floor: Room MPR-B

Directions & Map link

Thanks to our Community Meeting Sponsor: AutoVirt

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And Thanks to our Prize Sponsors:   Pearson Publishing and O'Reilly

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Tonight's meeting will feature our own Peet Rapp with his current ISACA seminar on current Cloud Computing Security issues.  Following that will be a new face from a new sponsor in the storage business.  Join us as Brian Gladstein enlightens us about the challenges of using DFS for storage. 


6:00-7:00    Networking, Introductions, Pizza 

7:00-7:50   Peet Rapp, MBA CISA

"Cloud Computing Security and Audit-Ability"

While technology has evolved to a place providing organizations  a myriad of business benefits in virtual-computing-as-a-service, one area continually overlooked by the media is Cloud Computing Security and Audit-ability.  This presentation will review the current terminology of Cloud Computing as defined by NIST, identify the current security issues uncovered by the Cloud Security Alliance, then provide a suggested action plan to mitigate these issues by cloud application or environment developers.


Peet Rapp is a senior certified IT auditor, in the process of obtaining a certification for Information Systems Management. He has co-authored the recent ISACA paper on Cloud Computing Security, has presented to 2 of 5 New England area ISACA chapters this topic. Peet is now part of an ISACA International task force to write a book and develop a webinar of ISACA’s position on current Cloud Computing Security and Audit issues.

8:00-8:45 Klavs Landberg, AutoVirt

"Opportunities and Challenges of Microsoft DFS"

Considering Microsoft DFS? Using DFS or DFS-R? Many storage managers like the concept of DFS, but can’t find the time or take the risk to implement it. Others use DFS and DFS-R but still run into trouble manually updating the namespace, navigating teeming error logs, or managing replication oddities such as “last closed wins”.

Klavs Landberg, founder and CTO of AutoVirt, is a 30-year veteran of the file system and storage industry. He has held executive management positions at Regnecentralen, Datapoint, Alliant, CLARiiON, and Sun Network Storage. In this session, Klavs will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of DFS, and how to build upon the concept of the DFS global namespace to provide a single platform for data management.

8:45-9:00    Raffle and Prizes

                   Cleanup Immediately after


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Registration not required, but is strongly recommended to let us know how much food we need to purchase. 


·         Live Event In Waltham

·         Online Attendance:  Not Available


Topic 1

Cloud Computing Security and Audit-ability 

Speaker 1

Peet Rapp 

Topic 2

DFS Challenges 

Speaker 2

Brian Gladstein, AutoVirt 

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