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Meeting Notices: 2010/2/12 - Virtualization Deep Dive Day Feb 2010

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2010/2/12 - Virtualization Deep Dive Day Feb 2010 



No Meeting Feb 9th.  Instead, Look for us at Virtualization Deep Dive Day Feb 12


Snow, Schmo!  Yes, we have a blizard on Wednesday, but this is Boston.  The roads will be clear Thursday and the airport open for speakers to fly in.  The event will happen as scheduled on Friday.

With the New Year, comes a new Community Virtualization Deep Dive Day.  This year, we have what looks like will be the best lineup ever.  In addition, we will be simulcasting part of the event to other locations across the country so people in other locations can enjoy the show!

More details can be found on the Deep Dive Day Landing Page.   In a nutshell it is an all day virtualization event being held in Waltham MA on Friday Feb 12, 2010.  We have Panopto lined up to simulcast one of the five tracks to the New York City Microsoft Offices as well as other locations across the country.   Many of the sessions will be recorded and made available for online viewing after the show. 


When: Friday Feburary 12, 2010


Waltham, MA

Directions & Map link

Leader: Tim Mangan

Asst: Peter Larson, Dan Stolts

Microsoft Office – Waltham MA

201 Jones Rd., Sixth Floor
Waltham, MA 02451

Rooms: MPR-A,B,C,EBC,Prov
Phone: (781) 487-6400

Live in MA $15

Live in MA + Online $25


Since we have 5 tracks, you cannot be in all five rooms at the same time so we strongly encourage you to do the Live and Online registration so you can catch some of what you missed online after the event.


Select Ticket Above!

New York City, NY

Directions & Map link

Leader: Edwin Woo

Asst: Adnan Rafik, Allan Da Costa Pinto

Microsoft Office – New York City NY 1290 Avenue of the Americas, Sixth Floor
New York, NY 10104

Rooms: RADIO CITY CONFERENCE ROOM (this is a change)

Phone: (212) 245-2100

Live in NYC $15

Live in NYC + Online $25


Select Ticket Above!

St. Louis, MO

Directions and Map Link

Leader: Chafic Mounged

Asst: Matt McDermott, Kevin Remde

Microsoft Office – St. Louis Mo

3 City Place Dr., Suite 1100
St. Louis, MO 63141

Room: MPR-2
Phone: (314) 994-1800

Live in MO $15

Live in MO + Online $25


Register At

Calgary, AB Canada

Directions and Map Link

Leader: Kevin Kaminski

Asst: Rod Kruetzfeld

Microsoft Office

Altius Center
500 4 Avenue Southwest
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Room: +15 Level Conference Room

Phone: 403-296-6500


Live in Calgary $15

Live in Calgary + Online $25


Register At

Online (Recorded)

Online from wherever you like J

Anytime after it is posted (about 3 days post event) and will be made available for upto 1 year post event.

When the content goes online, you will get an email with instructions for accesing the content. If you have problems email deepdive @ (remove spaces)



There is a 3 day delay from the time of the event to the time it will be posted for online viewing


Select Ticket Above!


Registration by Location:

Waltham & NYC:

St Louis:



Early Bird Discounts Exipred on January 17th, 2010.


What is the Online option?

The online option allows you to view the sessions after the event.  There will likely be a three day delay before the event is available online. The online event is a subset of the Live Waltham Event.  Not all sessions will be made available to the online participants.  At least one full track will be made available.  The event is streamed live to the locations listed above and then the recordings will be put up a few days after the event. This gives people that attended the opportunity to see online some of the sessions they may have missed during the event.  

Why go to a live event when I can attend from home?

Well there are lots of reasons.  The live events schedule might be somewhat different.  In many cases there are more sessions than will be made available online.  In the Waltham location there are actually 5 tracks including an entire Hands-On track.  Also the live events will have Q & A capability so all locations will have access to the presenters.  We will be serving food at all of the live events.  Most importantly though is the networking opportunities.  Get to meet your community leaders, Microsoft and other speaker and sponsor reps and have a great day networking with your peers.  It will take us about three days to get the recorded content online so by attending live, you get the goods faster!  Just in case that is not enough for you, we will have lots of drawing prizes.  So come on, increase your sphere of influence and join the party!

What does it cost and if this really is a community event, why is it not free?

There will be a very small fee for attendees.  The fee is $10 early bird and $15 after that (much better than the $35.00 it cost last year) We will also be offering an online option so people can get the information virtually if they cannot make it to the live event location the day of the event.  The online option will be $15.  If Live attendees want to also have access to the online content they can get a ticket for only $10 more.  As for why it is not free… We do have a number of sponsors but not enough to cover all the costs.  In order to provide such a large event to our audience we have had to turn to outsourcing some of the logistics.  Our biggest expense is actually the online component.  In order to give people access to the content we have to pay by the hour of download time for each person that signs up for the online part of the event. We are simply passing these costs on to the online users.  The small entry fee for live events will help us with some of the other logistics the community groups will be responsible for paying.  All proceeds go to the community groups after the bills are paid.   So, whatever you put in, you will find the community is giving it back out! J

Recommended Audiences

Technology Executives, IT Managers, IT Professionals, CIO, CTO, IT Directors, Solution Architects, Software Developers, Technical Decision Makers, Developers.  If you can spell virtualization, you will be interested!  


Snapshot of the details:

Join us for a Deep Dive on Virtualization Technology - Server, Desktop, Application, and Storage Virtualization as well as cloud computing.  We will talk about many aspects of virtualization including Security, Performance and Management.  We will have several tracks of presentations many of which will be heavy demo sessions.  An entire track is reserved for Hands-on Sessions so bring a computer is you like and dig in with professional assistance.  Since this is an all day event, we will of course have plenty of food and beverages thanks to our many sponsors. 

A quick disclaimer:  As most already know this event is being run entirely by the community of volunteers at the many different locations.  Also, this is our first attempt to stream an event online.  If we have issues, please have patience and understanding... :) Thank you

Do you want to know who is speaking?  Find out here… Famous Names Presenting

 What others are saying…

A sampling of the feedback from last year's event:

  • "These guys were excellent presenters"
  • "Usefull->Quite Intense, Lots of material covered"
  • "HUGE SUCCESS, Every speaker was great.  How does any UG follow up this great day?"
  • "The best IT User Group Event in years!"
  • "This was an AWESOME EVENT!  Great job guys!"
  • "This was a fantastic day - Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm."
  • "Thanks very much for a great event!"
  • "Excellent Event!"

And that's when they paid $35 to attend.  This year, due to the fantastic support of our sponsors, we are lowering that fee to below cost.  Just imagine the value you will get out of attending.  Tell the boss you need the day out of the office and mark your calendar - it is cheap enough to expense!  If you cannot expense it, it is even cheap enough to put up the money yourself.

What is the Plan?  Check the Deep Dive Day Page for the latest Details.  Schedule and sessions subject to change without notice!  In Waltham there will be 5 tracks with up to 5 breakout sessions per track.  New York City will have One track and will run concurrently with the Waltham event.  The St. Louis event will run an hour later (due to the time zone difference) and will have a slightly modified agenda.  Each location will develop their own schedule based on room availability and content that is available during the times they are there. Some sessions in remote locations will be delivered by different people and at different times than those in Waltham (eg. In St. Louis the keynote will be delivered by Kevin Remde and the App-V session will be delivered by Matt McDermott)

A Very Special THANKS goes out to our sponsors.  Please show them how much we (the community) appreciates their support by patronizing them if you can!


If there are other community groups that want to participate you can contact the VirtG deep dive team via email deepdive @ (remove spaces)

If you know anyone that may want to sponsor the event you can have them send an email to the VirtG Deep Dive team deepdive @ (remove spaces)



Thanks for the Community Sponsorship: 

Annual Support Sponsors:

    BlueFin Technical Services

Platinum Event Sponsors:
Virtual Computer


Premium Event Sponsors:

Event Meal Sponsors:

Event Door Prize Sponsors:


General Event Sponsors:

Other Event Sponsors:

St. Louis Virtualization Group   

     Boston Windows

Boston Linux Unix                  



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