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Virtualization Group - Boston > Meeting Notices > 2009-05-28 Cloud Computing 360 and Live Sequencing With App-V  

Meeting Notices: 2009-05-28 Cloud Computing 360 and Live Sequencing With App-V

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2009-05-28 Cloud Computing 360 and Live Sequencing With App-V 


StarWind Software 


Cloud Computing 360 and Live Sequencing With App-V

Thursday May 28, 2009

Thursday May 28, 2009
6:00 - 9:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Microsoft Office - Waltham

201 Jones Road, Waltham MA
Sixth Floor: Room MPR-C

Directions & Map link


Thanks to our Community Sponsor: StarWind Software

Virtualization Group - Boston will hold our monthly virtualization training and networking meeting on 5/28.   We will start off the meeting with “What’s in the News” along with Networking and Q & A.  We will jump into the heart of our first presentation at 7pm.  Please bring a virtual PC as noted below for the second presentation. We will wrap up with plenty of time for Q&A and prizes.

6:00-6:45      What’s in the News, Networking and Q & A

7:00-7:45   Microsoft Cloud Computing 101

8:00-8:45   Live Sequencing With App-V

8:45-9:00      Wrap-up and Prizes


Cloud Computing 360:   Bill Zack, Microsoft Architect Evangelist

This will be an introduction to Microsoft’s Cloud Services with particular emphasis on the Azure Services Platform and the Windows Azure operating system. The Azure Services Platform will provide a comprehensive cloud services offering that is a superset of most other vendors cloud offerings. Companies can utilize it to build dynamically scalable pay-as-you go cloud based application as well as to extend the reach and scalability of existing on-premise applications. Currently in a free Community Technical Preview status, this service is on-track for public release by the end of 2009.  We will also discuss some of the many other Cloud services that are shaping the future of business and technology.  You will walk away with an understanding of cloud computing and how it WILL impact your organization in the years to come.

Live Sequencing With App-V:   Tim Mangan, TMurgent

In this HANDS ON session, Tim will lead us through the sequencing an application using Microsoft App-V.  "Sequencing", involves preparing an application software package to be delivered as a virtual application.  Virtual Applications run on App-V enabled computers (Terminal Servers, Desktops, and Notebooks) in an isolated environment that prevents conflict between applications.  You are encouraged to bring a laptop computer and sequence the application yourself.  If you cannot bring a suitable PC, you can watch what Tim does or help your neighbor.

You should bring a PC with virtualization capability.  Microsoft Virtual PC and VMWare Workstation are good examples of products.  You will need to have a virtual machine running a "clean" version of one of the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7 Beta (or maybe RC by then)

By a "clean" machine, we mean that it shoud have the OS and possibly Service Packs and patches, but no applications and no Anti-Virus software.  The Dot Net Framework is optional, but is not needed for tonight.  Take a snapshot of the VM image before arriving, so that you can restore to that point again if needed.

We will provide a copy of the sequencer for you to use (not keep) in this demo/training, as well as the application that we will sequence.  Time permitting, we will even test each of your sequenced packages.


Registration Links:

Registration not required if you will be present on-site, but is strongly recommended to let us know how much Pizza we need to purchase.  The TechNet Internet simulcast of the main presentation may be available for those not driving the distance to the meeting, or for post event viewing if you cannot make it.  You must be present in person at the end of the meeting to be eligible for prize drawings.  We hope to see you there in person!

Thanks to our sponsors for this event

Many thanks to StarWind Software ( for sponsoring this event.

StarWind "Turns any Windows Server into a reliable and powerful iSCSI SAN". Use StarWind iSCSI Target to build shared storage for VMware, Hyper-V or Server Clusters for SQL Server, Exchange and SharePoint.

StarWind develops an iSCSI SAN that is scalable, reliable and easy to manage. Our iSCSI Target software converts any Windows Server into a high-performance IP SAN.

StarWind Software -  Food and Beverages
Microsoft – Facilities,  swag
O’Reilly Media – Swag
Pearson Publishing – Swag
Bay State Integrated Technology – Hosting our site

Boston User Groups – Assisting in so many ways!

Please come in person if you can. Also, please invite your friends, followers, neighbors on your favorite social networking sites to join us.

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Cloud Computing 360  

Speaker 1

Bill Zack, Microsoft Architect Evangelist 

Topic 2

Live Sequencing With App-V 

Speaker 2

Tim Mangan, TMurgent 

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Link to page with Live Meeting recording, slide decks, and handouts.
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