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Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014

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Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014

Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014

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Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014

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1 KeyNoteCombined RoomsEverything you really need to know about enterprise mobility management in 45 Minutes!
Last year you asked for more content on mobility. So this year's keynote is by author and blogger Jack Madden (the polite brother). Join us early for an engaging session!
If you’ve been anywhere near the end user computing space recently, then you’ve been hearing a lot of talk and hype about mobile device management, mobile app management, BYOD, consumerization, and dozens other new acronyms related to enterprise mobility management. There’s a lot of new information to dig through, so this keynote session will cut through the confusion and tell you what you really need to know. Jack Madden spends all day, every day with this stuff, so in 45 minutes he’ll give you the rundown of the important technologies, why you should care about them, and what to keep in mind when considering enterprise mobility management in your own environment.
Jackk Madden
B1HawthorneThe Impact of Hypervisor Selection in your Cloud

A technical look at hypervisor impacts when implementing a cloud infrastructure, either for private or public cloud implementation.

Today everyone wants a cloud, and with competing options to create a cloud around every corner, you’d think it easy to create a successful cloud.  While most provide more deployment options than you’d ever want, having choices isn’t always a good thing.  In this session we’ll look at how a preference for hypervisor can directly impact the success of your cloud initiative whether you want a CloudStack, OpenStack or vCloud based cloud.  Looking at this from a different perspective, if your boss tells you to build a CloudStack, OpenStack or vCloud based cloud, what might you have to give up in order to meet your objectives?
Tim MackeyJerry Shea
B1LongfellowGridStore - Software Defined Storage Optimized for Hyper-V - The Challenges and a Real-Life Solution

Getting the storage right is critical to success in virtualizing operating systems.  Come hear from some experts in this space.

Gridstore Software-Defined Storage that is Optimized for Hyper-V

  • Accelerate Hyper-V apps
  • Eliminate I/O bottlenecks between VMs and underlying storage
  • Increase VM density your storage can support

As companies progress in their virtualization initiatives, they find that they are not seeing the dramatic ROI that virtualization promised. This shortfall is the result of additional infrastructure costs such as high-end storage that is needed to support the virtualized workloads running on commodity servers. At the root of the need for this high-end storage is an attempt to mask the effects of the I/O blender. Gridstore 3.0 is optimized storage for Hyper-V. Its patented architecture completely eliminates the I/O blender. With the ability to provide per-VM optimizations that accelerate and prioritize application I/O in virtualized environments, Gridstore takes Hyper-V storage to a whole new level.

  • vmOptimized  Storage – Accelerates I/O for every application.
  • TrueQoS – Guarantees Performance of your most important apps/VMs.
  • GridScale – Massively parallel performance that scales without loss.
Kelly Murphy
B1ThoreauHyper-V and Me
With all the new features of Hyper-V in Windows Server 2012 and 2012R2, and the spike in use by admins, along with a growing vendor base, there is great interest in learning more about it. Even if you normally use a different hypervisor, you probably have a growing collection of Hyper-V servers!

A real Hyper-V Administrators perspective on what features of 2012 and 2012R2 are beneficial in the day to day grind. Also touching on the state and direction of Hyper-V's growth as seen by its increasing market share and the emergence of a supportive vendor base.

This independent session, led by a Microsoft MVP whose daytime job is as an IT Professional, will be filled with practical "how to".

Rob McShinsky
B2HawthorneSpeed Your Virtual Desktop Deployment Without Complexity, Risk or High Cost

Many customers have had delayed or shrunken VDI deployments that occurred due to not understanding what it takes to be successful up-front because it involves some very different technologies.  Come to this session to learn first-hand about how to combine two best-of-breed products together to succeed.

Learn how you can rapidly deploy your virtual desktop environment by leveraging FlexPod Datacenter with Citrix XenDesktop, which is a pre-validated and tested solution that combines storage, networking, and server components into a single, flexible architecture for XenDesktop. The FlexPod Datacenter architecture can easily scale up or out, and can be optimized for a variety of mixed workloads in both virtualized and non-virtualized environments. 
Rachel Zhu
B2LongfellowBreaking the Laws of Desktop Physics

LWL Founder T.Rex is back at VirtG!  His sessions have always proved popular and interesting.  He and Matt will talk about all of the things that they have learned helping customers with implementing workspace virtualization. 

LWL Founder T.Rex Rohrer and Legendary Senior Systems Engineer Matt Boyajian will dive into the Black Hole of Workspace Virtualization and share with attendees several key lessons learned after working on nearly 5,000,000 physical, virtual, and cloud workspaces over the past 5 years. This journey will be very technical by nature, highly interactive, and will feature only ONE PowerPoint Slide…the rest will be live demos and whiteboarding.

  • The New Physics of User Management
  • Bending the speed of light and other ways to get IOPS under control
  • How to liberate yourself from the Gravity of Legacy Apps and achieve 100% application independence
  • Mapping out YOUR galaxy of user workspace challenges, and time travel

Based on national feedback – Tyler and Matt present in a dynamic fashion that engages the audience, compels them to question previous assumptions they might have in desktop virtualization, and arms them with actionable next steps.

Tyler RohrerMatt Boyajian
B2Thoreau"Automate or Die": IT Pro Skills for the Next 20 Years
Whether you move to the cloud or not, the cry is "Automate or Die". What does this mean to you and what skills do you need to compete?

Whether you move your data and applications to the public cloud infrastructure or leverage new and exciting products to keep it in-house, the landscape for how IT Professionals perform their duties are changing.

"Automate or Die" refers to the need to utilize emerging tools of many kinds to perform the routine tasks that you do today. Rather than work you out of a job, this enables you to take on different tasks tomorrow. What skills will be most in demand and how can you prepare for it?

In this session we will talk about how IT Pro jobs are changing, what you should be doing now, and what skills you will need to learn for your career in order to compete in the future.

This independent session should prove to be a lively one, designed to be informative and interactive with the audience.

Tim Mangan
B3HawthorneOvercome the Challenges of Scaling and High Performance for Your Virtual Desktop Environment

VDI Performance is key to user acceptance.  A combination of technologies and products are needed to succeed.

Your initial VDI projects have been successful, but you’re now faced with the requirements for extreme performance for a VDI desktop with more IOPS. Learn how to meet these increasing demands without negatively impacting the end user experience or over paying for your VDI infrastructure with NetApp and Atlantis Computing.

Rachel Zhu
B3LongfellowExtend your existing Application Virtualization Solution with FSLogix Apps
This session will reveal how real companies are extending app virt solutions to reduce the number of disk images necessary to support Citrix/RDSH and VDI as well as the labor necessary to implement app virt.
This session will reveal how real companies are extending app virt solutions to reduce the number of disk images necessary to support Citrix/RDSH and VDI as well as the labor necessary to implement app virt. What you will learn from this session: How to revive a stalled appvirt project. How to plan a new Citrix/VDI appvirt project. How to successfully handle applications that cannot be virtualized.
Kevin Goodman
B3ThoreauVirtualization and Security
In this session we will discuss the different approaches to virtualization security, talk about technologies that speed up the security tasks and may help to save on associated hardware procurement costs.  Andrey, who was scheduled to do this presentation originally could not make it, so Jamie will step in.

You’ve now virtualized some or all of your corporate environment.  Virtualization is a great technology with numerous and clear benefits. Did you consider security though? You have options to ensure you implement the most efficient solution for virtual environments.

In this session we will discuss the different approaches to virtualization security, talk about technologies that speed up the security tasks and may help to save on associated hardware procurement costs.

Jamil Mneimneh
B4HawthorneSolve Data Compliance with Citrix ShareFile on NetApp

As VirtG's President, Tim Mangan, always says: "It is all about the data". This is why you really should be going to VDI to begin with.  Do it right!

Learn how Citrix ShareFile is the answer to unsecure, consumer-style cloud services to share data and how NetApp is the perfect complement to provide a highly efficient infrastructure to reduce storage cost and back up end-user data in an instant.

Todd Smith IIRachel Zhu
B4LongfellowEverything You Need to Know for a Successful Office 2013 App-V Deployment
Microsoft App-V, from the source!  This session is being led by a member of App-V product team here in Cambridge. This is a rare and unique opportunity for us.

Office is one of the top requested applications to be virtualized on App-V 5.0, and if you're unfamiliar with it, this can be tricky. I will show them what is needed to successfully virtualize and deploy virtual Office 2013. I will go over the supported configurations, the creation, deployment and management of Office in the APP-V environment.

This session is being led by a member of App-V product team here in Cambridge. This is a rare and unique opportunity for us.

Mathjis Gates
B4ThoreauWindows Azure - Your Next Data Center
Important to IT Pros since it represents a game-changing disruption to how IT Pro's role will be defined for years to come.

At VirtG's Virtualization Day in 2011 there was a talk on "Cloud Computing Essentials for the IT Pro" (by Dan Stolts and Bill Wilder) which introduced cloud concepts and covered "the basics."

Well, it's 2014 and A LOT has changed - our clouds are all grown up, and today "the basics" are a whole lot more capable than they were in 2011. In fact, it's time to starting thinking about Windows Azure as your next data center.

Join Windows Azure MVP Bill Wilder in an independent session drilling into what Windows Azure has to offer today's IT Pro.


Bill Wilder