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Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014

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Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014

Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014

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Virtualization Deep Dive Day 2014

 Call for Speakers

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We are currently accepting proposals for presentations, primarily from the Enterprise and Consultant communities.  Vendor companies are also welcome to submit technical presentations, however, unless the vendor is also an event sponsor there will be significant restrictions on the content. 

All proposed presentations must be of interest to IT Professionals that are currently engaged in, or wish to learn more about, Virtualization.  Sessions will probably be 60 minutes or less.

To submit a proposal, please include the following:

  • "Working" Presentation Title.
  • Presentation Abstract.
  • Statement: Please answer the question "Why is this important to IT Professionals?"
  • Names and Company of all proposed speakers in the session.
  • If any affiliation with a vendor who's product will be discussed exists, it must be disclosed.
  • Speaker Credentials.
  • Email Address for notifications.

Text is fine for the submission.  PDF or Powerpoint or other forms also accepted.

Click for our Speaker Invitation  letter.

Email submissions to (Mike Hall)

Early Deadline:

Submissions received on or before December 1 will recieve priority.

Normal Deadline:

All submissions are due by Jan 31st.


The review committee will notify applicants on a rolling basis based on periodic review.  Submitting early enhances your chance of acceptance.