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Microsoft Virtualization and Cloud Certification Study Group(s)

Introductions: No time for everyone, just a few people will get a 30 sec intro.

  • Dan Stolts - Chairman & Microsoft
  • Tim Mangan - President
  • Clyde Johnson - President
  • Edwin Guarin - Microsoft - Academic
  • Heath Brinke - Microsoft - Learning/Product Liaison

What is this about?

The north east community leadership would like expand their offerings to their members. The expanded offering will be a shortcut to certification in the virtualization space. This project was developed to figure out what it will take to realize that objective. As much effort will go into this project, the local community leadership would like to gain additional benefits from the program. These additional benefits will be defined during the kickoff meeting. Though the local community mostly services the New England market, the group would like to create the program so that it can be scaled across the country and around the world. There initial goal is to help 1000 people get certified in the first 6 months and another 4000 certified in the following 6 months. If this project spreads quickly around the world, our goals will increase significantly.

This project should start out slow and focus on one certification ( 70-659: MCTS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization) only. Once that program is well defined, we will add a second certification, then a third and so-on.

  1. Step 1: 70-659: MCTS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization

Once members get the first certification we want to give them to tools and motivation to keep getting additional certifications. The second will be monitoring virtualization infrastructure.

  1. Step 2: 70-400: TS: Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, Configuring

  2. Others...

Objectives of this brainstorming session:

  1. What do the community groups want out of this program?
    1. Shortcut to Virtualization Certification for VirtG and WindowsBoston members
    2. Spread the word about VirtG to students
    3. Share these shortcuts with other community groups locally, across the country and around the world
    4. More Community Members [advertisement about the groups]
    5. More people to help with leadership roles in the community
    6. Online Demo Environment (or hardware to create our own)


  1. What types of learning should be included
    1.  Online live ; Classroom;  Blog series
    2. Cram Sessions?
    3. Study Group (with book)
    4. Others?
  1. What will we need from our sponsors?
    1. Food for live/classroom?
    2. Tuition Support?
    3. Book purchase support?
    4. Advertisement - Demand Generation
    5. Sponsors for Food
    6. Sponsor for t-Shirts - Virtualization Rocks! (or something like that)
    7. Sponsors for USB sticks???
    8.  Sponsor for Polo Shirts - MCP Logo?
    9. Others?
    10. Hardware to improve our website performance and create training environment?


  1. What sponsors should be encouraged to get involved with the program
    1. Microsoft will be a sponsor
    2. Global Knowledge is very likely a partner sponsor
    3. O’Reilly is very likely a partner sponsor
    4. Virtualization Partners ??? Storage, HP, Dell, IBM ….
    1. Veeam


  1. What should attendee requirements be?
    1. Join VirtG as a member (this is free)
    2. Promise to support future engagements? (proctor in future certification series)
    3. Pay for materials?
    4. Other?
  1. What other community groups should we reach out to for support?
    1. Windows Server?
    2. PowerShell?
    3. Other Virtualization Groups?
    4. IT Generalist
    5. Systems Management
    6. Cloud Groups
    7. GITCA?

 If you know organizations that may want to participate or sponsor this long term initiative, please invite them to attend or reach out to Dan Stolts<>

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